Intro to Collaborative Cloud Development

azure logoDear colleagues, take advantage of this great opportunity to learn about Cloud Technology.

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Puget Sound Chapter cordially invites you to take advantage of this skill opportunity.  This is possible thanks to the initiative of Hispanic Organization of Lationos At Microsoft, commonly known as HOLA Microsoft. Our colleagues from Microsoft will cover the latest on Cloud technology on this course.

The Intro to Collaborative Cloud Development course is an immersive, all-day hands on experience designed to introduce SHPE members the Microsoft suite of tools required for creating modern web applications and cloud services.  Each student will be provided their own DreamSpark subscription to use during the course and for up to one year afterwards so that they can advance their technical skills with Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio technology.  At the conclusion of the course, students should be well-positioned to take full advantage of Microsoft’s cloud-based collaboration services for developing web applications hosted on Azure as well as version control, agile planning, continuous delivery, and application analytics.

No Cost to our members – Learn more here:

September 16th, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. – RSVP

September 23rd, 2016 at 8:30 a. m. – RSVP



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Additional Sources of Self-Service Readiness


At a Hackathon?  Need quick access to some “Azure How To’s to get you started?” Here are some links.  These resources are just to get your started.  If you need something more in depth, check out “Microsoft Virtual Academy

  1. Windows Azure Pass Usage Tutorial if you don’t have an Azure Pass code, you can always create a free trial
  2. Azure Documentation – Everything you need to know about Microsoft Azure
  3. Quick 3-Minute getting started with Azure videos
  4. Creating a Windows Virtual Machine in Azure – Azure Virtual Machines are a great way to get started with the cloud
  5. Creating a Linux Virtual Machine in Azure – Yep! You can create Linux VMs in Azure.   You can also learn how to install the LAMP stack on your Linux VM
  6. Create a Node.JS Website in Azure and Deploy from GitHub – Azure websites support the platforms you love like ASP.NET, PHP, Python and Node.js and you can deploy from source control services like Visual Studio Online or GitHub
  7. Visual Studio Online – You can create FREE, PRIVATE projects in Visual Studio Online.  Get more than just source control.
  8. Create an Azure Mobile Service for your Android App – Azure Mobile Services are an extremely powerful way to create backends for your mobile apps!
  9. Create an Azure Mobile Service for your iOS App – And iOS apps
  10. Create an Azure Mobile Service for your HTML5 Client App!
  11. Getting User Data with Azure Mobile Services


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