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Cabinet Meeting 04/23/2017

Meeting Minutes*

Cabinet Meeting 03/19/2017

Cabinet Meeting 02/19/2017

Cabinet Meeting 01/15/2017

Cabinet Meeting 11/20/2016

Cabinet Meeting 10/27/16

Cabinet Meeting 09/18/16

Cabinet Meeting 08/28/16

Cabinet Meeting 08/21/16

Cabinet Meeting 07/17/16

General Meeting 05/14/16 Election

Cabinet Meeting 04/07/2016

Cabinet Meeting 02/27/2016

Cabinet Meeting 02/03/2016

Cabinet Meeting 01/30/16

Cabinet Meeting 01/20/16



General Meeting 12/01/2015

Elected Board Meeting 10/25/2015

Elected Board Meeting 10/06/2015

General Meeting 09/17/2015

Elected Board Meeting 09/08/2015

General Meeting Retreat 08/22/2015

Elected Board Meeting 08/15/2015

Elected Board Meeting 08/08/2015

Elected Board Meeting 08/04/2015

Elected Board Meeting 07/07/2015

Elected Board Meeting 06/29/2015

Previous and official meeting minutes on Corporate Records.* 



P1000-1 Use of Information Policy

P1000-10 Use of Logo Guidelines Policy

*Files presented here are for reference only.  Official Signed Minutes and Documents are filed on the organization’s Corporate Records by the Corporate Secretary.


Charter and or Policy and Procedures Template

Officer’s Report Template