Chapter Awards

Award Categories

San Lorenzo de Nutka Award

The chapter’s special award and highest honor.  This award recognized an individual or an organization who has promoted and clearly succeeded in achieving the objectives and the mission of SHPE Puget Sound and/or SHPE at a Regional Level.

Professional Role Model Award

Presented to an outstanding member of the chapter’s membership who has provided selfless contributions to the  Puget Sound Chapter organization and the Latino Community of Washington State.  The individual must be an active member of the Chapter and must exemplify honor, community service and leadership through his or her commitment to SHPE Puget Sound.

Community Outreach Award

Presented to an individual or organization whose accomplishments and extraordinary efforts are consistent with the goals and objectives of the Puget Sound Chapter of SHPE and the Latino Community of Washington state.  *Need not be a member of the Chapter.

Community Group Engagement Award

This award recognizes outstanding support to the mission and objectives of SHPE Puget Sound by members of a group.  The group can contribute through commitment in the form of skills, resources and time. *Need not be a member of the Chapter.

President’s Award

Presented to an individual (current or former member of the board), who has made very substantial contributions to achieve the objectives and mission of the  Puget Sound Chapter organization.

Distinguished Corporate Support Award

This award recognizes outstanding support by an organization and distinguished service to SHPE Puget Sound members in the chapter through excellence in leadership and through the commitment of time and resources. The award recognizes companies that have contributed to the support of SHPE Puget Sound membership, programs, and events and are not based solely on financial assistance.

Puget Sound Chapter – Award Recipients


San Lorenzo de Nutka Award – Frank R. Sanchez, Founding President of the Puget Sound Chapter of SHPE

Professional Role Model Award – Malu Septien Milan, IT Chief Architect

Community Outreach Award- Ivan Gutierrez, Christian Sarmiento, Alexandra Zea and Octavio Araujo, Noche de Ciencias Committee 2016

Community Group Engagement Award- Aracely Godinez, President, ALPFA Seattle Chapter

President’s Award- Viviana Ramirez,  Seattle City Light


Professional Role Model Award – Maggie Navarro, FOCUS

Community Outreach Award- Microsoft Azure, Microsoft

Community Group Engagement Award- HOLA Microsoft, Microsoft

President’s Award- Alexandra Bonilla, The Boeing Company

Distinguished Corporate Support Award- The Boeing Company


Professional Role Model Award – Ms. Andrea Shreni, The Boeing Company

Community Outreach Award – Ms. Rachael Brown, Puget Sound Energy

President’s Award – Mr. Jose Martinez, The Boeing Company

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