UW Concrete Canoe 2016-Going to Nationals!

Hello SHPE Puget Sound,

Please consider supporting this campaign, to the benefit of SHPE at University of Washington student members.

This campaign is for the University of Washington Concrete Canoe, a civil & environmental engineering student club that is founded on applying our engineering knowledge outside of the classroom. They have worked incredibly hard all year long to design and build our canoe, and have managed to pull a successful 1st place when we competed in Idaho for the ASCE Regional Competition!

Fermin Bautista, from SHPE UW, has been heavily involved in this club for 2 years now, and has always enjoyed being a part of this team.

He is gaining invaluable experiences working with the team members.  The team is on their way to Texas for national competition and is seeking support to cover the cost for transportation, food, and lodging.

Anything helps.

Check out the campaign page here!


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Again, the campaign has launched! https://uw.useed.net/ecH6NdJQ14I